Watch the Surfa Saurus animation video: Sid surfs, snowboards, skateboards and sings songs

The Surfa Saurus story book, eBook and beach towel are now available

This fun and educational eBook features 3 original songs, Touch-to-Hear, Touch-to-Spell, digital colouring-in, narration and self-narration

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Best of all – it features Sid Surfa Saurus the surfing dinosaur, printed with environmentally friendly inks.

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Surfa Saurus is a story about Sid and his best friend Dally, who discover the joy of riding waves 65 million years ago, using wooden planks to balance on.  Then, the climate changes and an ice age comes, and the pair become frozen, mid-surf, inside icebergs.

After many, many thousands of years, the climate changes again and things start to warm up. The pair of dinosaurs then magically find themselves back on the waves in modern days. ‘Everything looks different now, but the waves are still the same and it sure is a Surfa Saurus kind of swell,’ says Sid.

The illustrations are expressive and cartoonish in a way kids will love. They tell the story as much as the words.

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